Our Stories

The Flagstaff Group was formed in 1966 to provide meaningful employment for people with disabilities.

Our Stories

In 1990 Flagstaff’s food social enterprise was born. Flagstaff acquired Monika’s Kreative Kitchen in North Wollongong which was a catering business and employed Monika to work with people with disability and train them in food handling. Soon after its name changes to Flagstaff Fine Foods.

In 2006 Flagstaff Fine Foods moved into a purpose built facility at 254 Nolan Street, Unanderra. The facility has four walk-in freezers, a temperature controlled production room, cool room and blast freezer. Additionally a new packaging machine introduced incorporating better labelling and bar-coding.

In 2013, Coffee with a Vision was established where all coffee is roasted and packed on site at 254 Nolan Street, Unanderra. This area offers a variety of elements, including coffee beans, premix powders, hot chocolates, chai lattes, wholesale coffee supply, coffee machines and equipment, servicing and more – plant officially opened by Amanda Rishworth (at that time) Parliamentary Secretary for Disabilities and Carers.

In 2020 Flagstaff receives a grant from the Department of Social Services to expand the facility to add additional production rooms and freezers.

Flagstaff Today

  • Established frozen meal producer with over 30 years experience
  • Large frozen meal producer, making approximately 65,000 meals per month in the Flagstaff production facility
  • Fine Food meals are hand laid in our commercial kitchen
  • Meals then are snap frozen at -35° - this is natures way of preserving nutrition and retaining freshness, quality and nutrients
  • The disability enterprise supports over 40 jobs for people with disability
  • Offers a large menu of over 100 meals catering for different diets, styles and meal sizes.

Special Diets

Flagstaff Fine Foods caters to dietary requirements incl.

  • soft meals   
  • low cholesterol
  • low sodium
  • gluten free
  • low fat
  • lactose free
  • soft meals and purees
  • vegan

Why Choose Flagstaff Frozen Meals?

  • Fresh, nutritional, snap frozen
  • Comply with Government food regulations
  • Offers a variety and range catering for special diets
  • Fully Labelled to compliance regulations
  • Packaging and meals can be heated in the microwave and ovens
  • Snap frozen and not bulk processed like supermarkets meals
  • Great for people who live on their own
  • Full Diet Kit available
  • Enjoy nutritional meals to suit your lifestyle
  • Free Delivery to your door in the Illawarra, Shoalhaven and other limited locations
  • No plans, no contracts, no minimum orders
  • Competitively priced
  • Healthier option than take away or supermarket meals
  • Established over 30 years ago
  • Large frozen meal producer, making 65,000 meals per month in our production facility
  • Meals are hand laid in our commercial kitchen
  • Meals then are snap frozen at -35°. Natures way of preserving nutrition & retaining freshness, quality and nutrients
  • Best of all you are supporting a locally owned for purpose organisation and supporting jobs for people with disabilities.

Our Packaging

  • 4-7 mins in microwave  OR  30-40 mins in oven
  • 12 month frozen storage life
  • Recyclable and biodegradable packaging
  • Safety – Tamper proof sealed film
  • Safe packaging - does not get hot to touch like foils
  • Can see what the meal is like
  • Labelled with contents and heating instructions