Contract Roasting & Custom Branding

Boost your brand's profile with personalised branding and custom coffee roasting. Perfect for promotions and brand awareness projects.

Contract Roasting & Custom Branding

Roasted to your specifications & with your branding

Picture: black 1 kilogram bag of coffee showing customisation

Coffee With A Vision believes in a world that only sees ability.

With our contract roasting & custom branding services, you can spread your vision with employees and customers alike.

We provide a contract roasting service, perfect for boutique coffee brands or cafes looking to offer something different with their own beans!

Our coffee roasting & blending masters can import any bean of your preference and roast it based on your specifications and requirements. Not sure exactly what you're after? Or do you like the taste of a particular coffee and want us to match it? We can reverse engineer a coffee blend, by evaluating your favourite coffee beans and matching it for taste and roast profile.

Flagstaff's custom labeling service is all done in-house, ensuring your branding is reflected in the perfect cuppa shared with your customers, clients and employees. Let your vision and do the heavy lifting. Join businesses along the South Coast that are elevating their brand with Flagstaff's coffee solutions. Contact for all enquiries.

Picture: Fiona labelling coffee bagsSo, if you are a cafe, have your own coffee label or are a corporate organisation looking to be unique with your coffee offering and boost your brand presence, please reach out to us. We hope to see you latte!

Our coffee brand packs more than just a caffeine hit. Coffee With A Vision is a division of certified not-for-profit The Flagstaff Group. As an Australian Disability Enterprise, your business has a profound and positive impact on people living with disability in our local community.

Working with The Flagstaff Group directly supports the employment, training and life skills development of over 240 people with disability.