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Fine Foods News

Christmas at Flagstaff Fine Foods


Hello everyone! It’s coming up to that time of the year again…CHRISTMAS is fast approaching!!! 

Flagstaff Fine Foods is once again offering a special Christmas meal and dessert this holiday season. 

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 Picture: Flagstaff Fine Foods banner, we are still open for business

With the COVID-19 situation unfolding, we have been asked many questions about Flagstaff Fine Foods and what is happening for us. The safety and well-being of our customers, clients and staff is of the greatest importance to us.

We have provided an update in the below video we filmed on 25 March. We have also provided additional information beneath about Fine Foods and the precautionary measures The Flagstaff Group has implemented.

We will endeavour to continue working with our current customer base to keep supplying meals for as long as possible. We have seen an increase in orders and demand, so we please ask you to bear with us during this busy time. Our Fine Foods team will do our best to keep delivering the high level of customer service we are known for. 

The COVID-19 issue has put a lot of pressure on our packing and dispatch team, so we kindly ask where possible if our customers can order by the full box. This will help save time in splitting boxes and packing away single meals.

Flagstaff Fine Foods is committed to continuation of supply of meals. We see The Flagstaff Group as an essential service to the community, in providing disability services to our people with a disability, commercial linen to aged care providers, recycling services to supermarkets & retailers, and of course frozen meals to the elderly and vulnerable in the community.

Our stock levels are good and we are ramping up our production to meet demand. We have not been notified by any of our own suppliers about any issues to product supply.

Additionally, we have been approached by a number of Aged Care facilities and some Meals on Wheels asking if we can support their clients in the event they are asked to cease their business. We are happy to support our clients and customers with supply and distribution, and have been working with everyone to provide solutions to their clients where possible.

We have of course put in place some precautionary measures for our staff, especially our drivers to minimise risk and exposure. Delivery schedule remains the same as of now, we will let our customers know right away if any changes occur. Our onsite Safety and HR team have been monitoring the situation and are putting in place policies and procedures to ensure the safety of all our internal and external stakeholders. For reference, please consult official statement from The Flagstaff Group about COVID-19.

These measures will ensure deliveries during this time will remain in place, unless directly advised by the Department of Health or other Government agencies. We will continue to act on the Department of Health advice and recommendations.

Given the ever-changing nature of this situation and Government regulations, we will keep you informed of any changes.

For further information or clarification, please feel free to contact:
Neel Honavar, Business Development Manager, M: 0455757105 or Eunice Garcia, Fine Foods Manager, M: 0402039926.
For enquiries about frozen meals, deliveries or orders, please call the Fine Foods office directly on Tel: (02) 4272 0270 or